The Institute of Corporate Directors has 11 Chapters across Canada. Each Chapter hosts professional development and networking events for members to learn best practices from governance experts and share ideas with their peers.


Upcoming National Events

Getting on Boards: How to Get on a Public, Corporate & NFP Board

2019-11-14 7:15:00 AM | Victoria
If you have aspirations of advancing your board career, this session should be very instructive and set you on the right path. You will hear from experts from different sectors about what they look for in a strong board candidate and how you can plan ahead, in anticipation of finding the right position for you that meets the needs of a board.

ESG and the Link to Performance

2019-11-15 7:00:00 AM | Calgary
Please join us for breakfast with our panel, which includes the perspectives of an institutional investor, senior executive and board members from leading ESG performers in the energy sector. Our panellists will discuss how environmental, social and governance performance factors link to performance, and how ESG metrics are becoming integrated into business strategy.

Mission Critical: Board Stewardship in Times of Climate Crisis

2019-11-20 11:30:00 AM | Dartmouth
This session will explore the board’s role in responding to the risks and opportunities posed by climate change. The keynote speaker and panellists will discuss the legal and ethical duties of boards to address climate-related issues, as well as strategies and tools that can assist them in fulfilling those duties.

Harassment, Social Media and the Fireworks When the Two Intersect

2019-11-20 11:30:00 AM | Saint John
What is the board’s role in regard to harassment in the workplace, and use (or misuse) of social media by employees or even board members? Join us for an informative and practical event, with experts in their fields.

Economic Reconciliation: For All Canadians

2019-11-20 12:00:00 PM | Winnipeg
JP shares his experience in the advancement of business through CCAB’s services and programs, which are having tremendous impact not only for Indigenous people and communities but for all Canadians.

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