ICD accredits Canada's 1000th Director with ICD.D designation

May 05, 2009

As the demand for more effective corporate governance grows, so too does the number of directors voluntarily seeking to improve their performance through formal education and professional accreditation.

The Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD), Canada's only professional association representing the director community, has recently accredited Bobby McVeigh as the 1000th director with the ICD.D designation.

While Mr. McVeigh has more than 25 years of board experience, he recognized the importance of continuous learning and the assurance of quality that the ICD.D designation would provide to him and to the boards on which he serves.

As a first step towards earning his designation, Mr. McVeigh enrolled in the Directors Education Program (DEP), offered jointly by the ICD and the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto.

"I may have a lot of experience in the boardroom but with a background in the education sector, I am committed to lifelong learning," Mr. McVeigh said. "Directors have a responsibility to enhance and improve their skills. Education and professional accreditation are fundamental ways to do that."

Mr. McVeigh said he benefited immediately from the interaction between DEP faculty and other participants and the engaging discussions they had on timely topics that related directly to the committees on which he serves.

He has sat on more than 30 boards and commissions in the public, private, non-profit and international development sectors including Credit Union Central of Canada, Cape Breton District School Board, Glace Bay Community Hospital, and the United Nations Advisors Group on Inclusive Financial Sectors. He also served as the Mayor of the Town of Dominion, Nova Scotia and worked in the field of education for 30 years.

"The DEP was good for me as a director and, in turn, good for the boards that I serve on. And the better the board, the better the business - it's so simple, but so right," he said.

To be eligible for the ICD.D designation, candidates must first complete the 12-day DEP course, successfully pass a written examination and peer interview, and acquire experience in the boardroom. Certified directors must commit to ongoing governance education by attending professional development events hosted by the ICD and its partners.

"The ICD.D represents a higher level of knowledge, skill, quality, and commitment. The designation lends additional credibility to the director profession and serves to strengthen governance in Canada and abroad," says Wayne McLeod, Chair of the ICD Board of Directors. "We congratulate and commend all directors who choose to pursue excellence through education and professional development."

Since 2004, the ICD has been accrediting a growing number of talented and dedicated directors including Purdy Crawford, Mary Mogford, John MacNaughton, and Brian Tobin, who was among the first to earn the designation.

"Having the ICD.D designation attached to my name clearly shows that I take my responsibilities as a director very seriously," said Mr. Tobin. "As an ICD.D, I have made a commitment to put into practice the knowledge and skills that I learned from the DEP and to continually build on that foundation as new trends, issues and best practices emerge."