The ICD awards scholarships valued at $160,000 to promote access and diversity in director education

Jul 12, 2011

The Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) successfully launched the inaugural ICD Diversity Scholarships for individuals applying to its flagship ICD-Rotman Directors Education Program (DEP).

The ICD, a member-based association representing Canadian directors and boards, awarded 10 scholarships, valued at $16,000 each, to highly-qualified candidates chosen by its Education and Certification Committee comprised of senior board directors and corporate governance experts. More than 40 applications were received from across the country from individuals of diverse backgrounds and financial need.

The scholarships will enable the recipients to participate in the DEP, an interactive 12-day course designed to build and enhance the competencies deemed necessary to be an effective director. The program, jointly developed by the ICD and the Rotman School of Management, is offered at leading business schools across Canada in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto and Montreal.

“The ICD established this scholarship program because we believe that all qualified individuals should have access to director education and that diversity in the classroom adds value to the learning experience of those who participate in our programs,” says Stan Magidson, President and CEO of the ICD.

“We were very pleased with the response and quality of the applications. Through this initiative, the successful candidates will receive the financial assistance needed to access director education at the highest level in order to advance their effectiveness in Canada’s boardrooms.”

In order to be eligible for an ICD Diversity Scholarship, applicants must:

  1. Attest to being from an under-represented group, defined as women, Aboriginal and Indigenous Peoples, visible minorities and under-represented immigrant communities; 

  2. Attest to having a financial need. Applicants must demonstrate that they have already sought funding for the DEP through their employer and/or their board without success and explain why funding cannot be provided through their personal resources; and 

  3. Meet the admission requirements of the DEP. Preference will be given to those with the most experience in relation to the DEP admission guidelines.