Access to the Directors Register is currently not available, as ICD transitions to the new website. Please contact, and a representative of ICD will be in contact with you to offer assistance. Our apologies for this inconvenience.

Developing a good board is about connecting skills and personalities that can work in harmony to achieve excellence in board governance. The ICD’s Director Register provides two unique services for organizations seeking board candidates.
The ICD is here to assist you in identifying suitable candidates based on your organization’s specific needs. The board matching and referral service offers:
  • A robust roster of qualified directors, who as members of the ICD, form a remarkable and diverse pool of knowledge, experience, commitment and talent.
  • A broad range of options for search criteria such as director education, area of expertise, gender, board and committee experience and geographic location, etc.
  • One-on-one consultations with the ICD team to discuss, establish and refine search parameters to address your board’s needs and dynamics.
This is a confidential process. ICD members only receive notice that their Director’s profile has been selected in a search when the organization requesting the search reaches out to the member(s) directly to gauge their interest/fit for the opportunity.
In this process, the ICD uploads your director opportunity to our Board Opportunities page for members to review and apply to positions they are interested in directly.
For a successful open call for directors, the following key pieces of information are desirable:
  • A brief description of your organization
  • The skills required for potential directors
  • Details on how candidates can apply
  • Any applicable deadlines

Both of the above services are complimentary and there are no associated costs to the organization.


If you have questions about the Directors Register, contact Sheldon Mahabir, Director, Member Engagement at 1.877.593.7741 ext. 237 or