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The ICD’s national short courses provide directors with subject-specific learning opportunities from the director’s perspective. Developed and delivered by seasoned directors with the support of other subject matter experts and directors-in-residence, the courses reflect and are enriched by extensive, hands-on, real-life boardroom experiences.

As a result, these short courses move beyond a simple “how to” approach and delve into the nuances of the subjects, exploring the full spectrum of influences, interactions and interconnections between the board, management, shareholders and other stakeholders.

The ICD has re-engineered its Short Courses for virtual delivery. Using a blended online learning model that weaves together best practices in adult education with creative networking opportunities, ICD Short Courses will now be more accessible to directors across Canada. Short Courses will include independent learning, live online sessions, peer group exchange and additional learning tools.

Our national short courses include:

 (Limited Run)

These courses are offered for a limited time on topics of current interest and delivered through interactive sessions by leading experts and seasoned directors. They are meant to provide guidance and practical insights to help navigate and tackle topical issues actively impacting the governance and oversight duties of today's directors.
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