Board Oversight of Strategy addresses how boards can constructively engage in strategy in their organizations: What is the right time and way to be involved in strategy development, and how does a director nuance his or her response to fit different environments and situations?

Through presentations, group discussion and case study exercises, this program is designed to develop participant skill and comfort in applying a framework (and supporting tools) for board oversight of strategy. Exercises and case study scenarios allow participants to practise applying the framework in various circumstances an organization may face, such as growth, a newly competitive environment, and the emergence of a significant problem or threat. 

This course exposes participants to a framework for the oversight of strategy. Specifically, they will:
  • Understand why director engagement is necessary at each phase of the strategy development and implementation process.
  • Learn how to engage in typical and appropriate director oversight roles, activities and key steps at all stages of the strategy oversight process. 
  • Identify questions, red flags and issues important to each stage of the strategy oversight process.
  • Effectively participate in director oversight activities, and ask the right questions in different situations reflecting various business environments (i.e. growth, new competition and an emerging problem).
  • Understand how the strategy oversight framework can be applied to their own organizations.