Course participants experience real-life board issues, learning about and delving into the financial aspects associated with them, including:
  • Linking financial plans to strategic plans
  • Audit Committee reports, and the role of the non-audit-committee director
  • Connecting strategy and risk oversight with capital projects and expenditures
  • Executive compensation
  • Unique financial issues for not-for-profit/charitable organizations
Topics are approached through a combination of instructor-led learning, group work, case study, and a simulated board meeting. The result is an immersive, experiential learning opportunity for participants that exposes them to key financial topics for board members while relating them back to their broader-picture role as board directors.

The lead instructor for the course is an experienced board director, who facilitates the day’s learning and helps contextualize the material through their own boardroom experiences. The instructor is complemented by a seasoned Director-in-Residence, who offers commentary and insights throughout the day, providing additional real-world context to the material.