The course immerses participants in real-life examples and experiences, best practices, and topical issues faced by Human Resources/ Compensation Committee (HRCC) members including:
  • The evolving role of the HRCC and the Chair of the HRCC
  • Strategies around the design and monitoring of executive compensation and incentive plans
  • CEO evaluation and succession planning
  • The board’s role in human capital and compensation beyond the CEO
  • Identifying red flags and assessing risks associated with compensation
Topics will be covered through a combination of instructor-led learning, group work, and case studies.

The program faculty will provide a number of perspectives on how the board and Human Resource and Compensation Committee can effectively work with different stakeholders to ensure that human capital is attracted, deployed, compensated and retained to the benefit of the organization.

The lead instructor for the course is an experienced board director, who facilitates the day’s learning along with a seasoned Director-in-Residence and a leading compensation consultant from Hugessen Consulting Inc., whose combined governance and technical knowledge will further enrich the learning environment.