Course Objectives

The Digital Director is composed of two half-day sessions: Social Media for Directors, delivered by Estelle Metayer, and Overseeing Cybersecurity Risk, delivered by Michael Parent.

Social Media for Directors

Social media has the ability to profoundly impact organizations across a multitude of industries. However, 89% of boards have not yet added the discussion to their agenda. In this highly interactive session, we will address why social media matters for corporate directors and how it can affect their strategy and operations.
Specifically, participants will understand how to:
  • Manage reputational risk for the company and responding to social media crises
  • Leverage social media as a channel of communication to the public and to shareholders
  • Make sense of the digital activity of the activist shareholder
  • Develop social media as a personal source of independent intelligence
  • Gather intelligence to ensure the right questions are asked by the board
  • Use social media to strengthen your personal development and enhance your profile as a digital director

Overseeing Cybersecurity Risk

In 2019, the FBI expects we will see a cyber-incident every 14 seconds - 95% of all networks worldwide have been penetrated and are at risk.
In overseeing the selection, deployment, exploitation, and most importantly, the protection of data and information, directors are challenged to ensure their organizations are resilient.
This session intends to go beyond the sometimes-fatalistic discourses that pervade discussions on cybersecurity. It will offer a structured approach to cyber-resilience and cyber-oversight – the questions directors should ask, and the answers they should receive, all with a goal of increasing your cyber confidence as a director.
Specifically, participants will:
  • Understand the nature of cybersecurity and its oversight.
  • Appreciate the nuances of the role directors have to oversee protection of their organizations’ networks and data.
  • Discern and understand how to integrate the elements of a successful cyber-resilience program – the “dos” and “don’ts”.
The session will be highly interactive and include a structured discussion as well as a hands-on, tabletop cyber-incident exercise.