Tuition Tax Credit

The Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) is certified as a private educational institution by Human Resources and Social Development Canada for the purpose of entitling the ICD to provide tuition tax receipts to participants enrolled in our formal education courses as set out in Sections 118.5 and 118.6 of the Income Tax Act.

Tuition fees paid by individual tax filers for the Directors Education Program, NFP Program, Board Dynamics for Executives, Board Oversight of TechnologyAudit Committee Effectiveness, Board Oversight of StrategyBoardroom Financial Essentials, Crown Director Effectiveness, Enterprise Risk Oversight for DirectorsHR & Compensation Committee Effectiveness, Board Oversight of Culture, Board Shareholder Engagement, and Political Intelligence for Boardrooms are eligible for the tuition tax credit.

Those receiving the tuition tax credit should refer to the Canada Revenue Agency website for information on how to utilize this tax credit when completing your tax return. The ICD issues tax receipts (Form T2202) by the end of February to all participants who have provided their Social Insurance Number and paid tuition fees for programs that took place in the previous calendar/tax year.

New Form T2202 and SIN Requirement

Form T2202A has been re-numbered to Form T2202.

Canada Revenue Agency now requires that a course participant's Social Insurance Number (SIN) be included on any filing of Form T2202. 

For more information on these changes, please refer to the Canada Revenue Agency website.

Should you have any questions regarding this new requirement, please contact Jane Grant at
1-877-593-7741 ext. 221.