How do I obtain a Board Membership?
Please complete the Board Membership application at and submit the completed form online.  Alternatively, you can contact Jane Grant, Co-ordinator, Member Relations at the ICD National Office at (416) 593-7741 Ext. 221.  
Who should manage the board membership and interact with ICD National office?
In order for ICD to best serve your board, each Board Member Company is asked to select TWO contact people. The BOARD MEMBERSHIP ADMINISTRATOR is the individual from your organization who will manage the membership roster, receives the invoices and provides general administrative support to the board membership with ICD. The Board Membership Administrator is included in the Board Membership fee at no additional cost and does not take up one of the 15 membership spaces included in the Board Member Company fee. The BOARD MEMBER ENGAGEMENT CONTACT is the individual who will be the point of contact between your organization and the ICD. This individual will provide insights to current board/governance issues and will help us to ensure we are providing our members products and services which are responsive to their needs.  
How does the Board Membership work?
Board category and fees are determined based on the organization type and gross revenue.  The Board Membership includes up to 15 people, more can be added for a nominal fee.  The Board Membership Administrator will need to provide the list of all members who will be counted under the Board Membership.  This list should include a complete mailing address, phone numbers, email address, as well as the Board Member title and accreditation(s).  Please ensure that preferred email and mailing addresses for each member is indicated in order for them to receive information from ICD.  Board Members will receive individual access to the ICD website using the email account and login details set up for them.
What is the benefit of a Board Membership versus an individual membership?
An individual member pays $395 for an annual membership with the ICD.  A Board Membership reduces the per person membership cost by more than 50%.  In addition to the membership cost savings, as ICD members, they receive member rate pricing on ICD’s National Short Courses, local Chapter events, the ICD National Conference. Board Category Members who register for the DEP do not pay the application fee of $500.
When does a Board Membership begin?
If the application is received before the 15th (1st-15th) of the current month, it will be processed for that month. If the application is received after the 15th (16th -31st), the membership begins on the first day of the following month.
What happens if one of the directors of a new Board Member Company has a membership with another company?
Once we receive your roster of members, we will check each name in our membership system.  If one of your roster members has a membership with ICD which is covered by another Board Member Company, this individual will not be added to your roster but will remain as a member under the other company’s board membership.  We will notify you of this and you will be able to add another individual to the roster to ensure you have a full roster of 15 members.
What is the process if an individual leaves or is added to the board?
Changes to the membership roster may be made at any time.  The Board Membership Administrator should communicate changes to the Board structure and provide details for the new Board Member, if applicable.  The former board member’s login to the ICD website will be disabled and their name removed from the Board’s roster.  ICD will contact this individual to ask if he/she would like to retain membership on an individual basis.