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  • COVID-19 concerns and considerations for boards
    As of this morning, there were 872 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada, leading to unprecedented policy decisions and dramatic civic and corporate actions. Panic-hoarding continues at some grocery stores, toilet paper has become an overnight sensation, and “social distancing” is now part of our daily vernacular, all showing it is far from business as usual.

  • What was said at Davos 2020 -- and what wasn’t
    On its 50th anniversary, the World Economic Forum meeting in Davos turned into a love affair with the stakeholder. With its key theme of Better Business, the annual gathering of 3,000 business, government and not-for-profit leaders sought to define a new role for business in society.

  • How to be an informed and prepared director
    Knowledge is power, yet board directors may not always have the right information to make educated decisions. In today’s increasingly complex business environment, that’s a problem. The director role has become time-consuming and multifaceted, requiring more preparation and thoughtful analysis. Today, directors are expected to oversee and guide company performance and strategy, risk management and ethical behaviour while representing shareholder interests – a tall order if you aren’t privy to all the facts.

  • Investing in the next generation of governance
    In an evolving governance landscape, boards are hungry for new ideas and better practices. To satisfy this appetite for fresh thinking and to help directors be more effective in their roles, the Institute of Corporate Directors (ICD) established the Canadian Foundation for Governance Research (CFGR) in 2009.

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