Communicating with your stakeholders: continuing education & good governance disclosure

New for the 2020 proxy season, we have prepared two brief documents for ICD Members that you may find helpful in effectively disclosing your company’s commitment to best corporate governance practices.

The first document, Proxy Circular Template: Continuing Education features draft language for your circular in compliance with National Instrument 58-101, Disclosure of Corporate Governance Practices.
This language can be integrated with your current disclosure, articulates the value of your company’s Board Membership in the ICD and allows you to highlight the number of ICD.D directors on your board (if applicable).

More than ever, your shareholders expect the circular to clearly articulate your board’s governance practices and the qualifications of your directors. This language will better position you to achieve excellent disclosure through your proxy circular.

The second document, Annual Report Template: Commitment to Good Governance, provides draft language regarding your company’s Board Membership with the ICD, which you may wish to include in your company’s annual report. Communicating your company’s membership in the ICD (as well as any ICD.D directors on your board if applicable) demonstrates to all of your stakeholders a strong commitment to best governance practices.